About Us

iSparkED is founded on the premise of successful Caribbean professionals providing coaching and mentorship to high school students to facilitate their entry into tertiary level education and to position them to have successful careers in an increasingly competitive global environment.

The Coaches in our programme have successfully mentored many children over many years on an individual basis. However, given the underwhelming reports after each examination cycle where the data shows critical numbers of our Caribbean children underperforming, the iSparkED platform was launched to enable a broader spectrum of children to benefit from the experience of our Coaches.

Each year, parents spend thousands of dollars with little effective learning outcomes. More tragically, a price cannot be placed on the mental trauma, physical fatigue and time wasted by a child caught up in the "lessons trap." Our model liberates children from the unsafe and unhealthy current practices, delivers superior learning outcomes in less time with less stress and frees up valuable time for relaxaion and character-building extra-curricular activities that are citical at this developmental stage.

As globalisation continues its inevitable march, competition for limited places at top Universities will get even fiercer. Also, employment opportunities at the best corporations both locally and internationally will increasingly go to those best suited for the job regardless of their origin. This is where the true value of iSparkED is realized as the coaching relationships we nurture positions Caribbean nationals from an early age to not only be comfortable but to even out-perform their peers on the global stage.

Our programme is uniquely designed to be:


iSparkED gives students a significant degree of flexibility to choose how their programme is structured and when it is delivered. Students can utilize this facility to choose the most optimal timing for their sessions and select the aspects of our offerings that will be most effective for them to realize their learning outcomes.

Most after-hours lessons are delivered when children are tired after an entire school day or unnecessarily consumes more of their weekend than is desirable. Time is the most important commodity available to your child and to balance academics with extra-curricular is a fine line every parent must master to ensure a healthy and well-rounded child. Utilising our platform, children will have access to our resources on demand and electronically available wherever they work and play. No more weary evenings after school, burdernsome weekend logistics, worrisome exposure to criminality and lack of individual attention tailored to your own pace. Students can now engage in our programs from the safety and comfort of their homes, under the supervision and support of their guardians and via the various electronic devices they are already predisposed to spending their time on. Safe, convenient, on the cutting edge of research and technology and cost-effective.


iSparkED offers an unparalleled level of personalization up to and including programmes that can be individually tailored to a specific student's needs. Programmes can encompass an entire syllabus, parts of the syllabus, past papers only - the choice is yours. Also, and perhaps most importantly, Coaches are matched to Students to ensure that maximum value is derived from the mentorship relationship. Many students have found this to be more valuable than even the academic aspects of our offering as it gives students much-needed clarity in their longer term University and career planning.


How many school teachers or expensive "lessons teachers" make themselves available to students 24/7? Not many. We present the ability for your student to contact one of our professionals not on their time but on your child's time. Quite often, while working through a problem at 10 or 11pm, when their mind is in the right space, that is when your child needs help the most. Leaving the problem unresolved at that time could mean it never gets resolved or even when the delayed solution comes, the impact is less and a key learning opportunity is lost forever. This is what separates good from great and can mean the difference between getting that extra mark or two in an ever more competitive world for distinctions, scholarships etc.


It is in their formative youth learning years that exposure to seasoned professionals can be the catalyst to influence your child along a career path that would give them satisfaction for the rest of their lives. With our team, your child will have that mentoring edge from working professionals who have an extensive background in training and development - the best of both worlds! What can be better than learning math and physics from an engineer who utilizes it in his work every day. This priceless exposure will give your child the inspiration to see past the exam and into a future of possibilities thereby making the daily grind of practice and past papers a work of joy with a reward that is much greater than excelling in the exam only.


The results speak for themselves. Our Coaches have consistently impacted the lives of the students they have partnered with. iSparkED methodologies provide meaningful relationships which inspire students to approach their future with confidence and take charge of their destinies.

Times have changed; advances in pedagogy have greatly enhanced our understanding of the way that children learn and advances in technology have revolutionized the methods and efficiency by which content can be delivered. Sadly, our own systems within the Caribbean have not kept in step with global trends and data shows that our results have similarly lagged behind that of more progressive regions. Additionally, with the explosion of online content, a more connected world and the increasing importance of distance learning, it is perhaps now more important than ever that from an early age, children become comfortable with accessing knowledge and shaping their learning via the modern technology and methods available.


While the world had moved past "chalk and talk," this remains the primary method of delivery in our classrooms and in pricey after-hours lessons. This has traditionally not been very good at preparing our children for the examinations they must sit but also, and perhaps more insidiously, it may permanently impair their ability to learn via the modern methods they will be exposed to at the University level and in the world of work. Children deserve to get the best preparation, at the best time and using the best methods available.