CSEC Additional Mathematics

CSEC Additional Mathematics with iSparkED

The CSEC Additional Mathematics course is the next level after a student has gained basic knowledge of algebra and mathematical reasoning from CSEC General Proficiency Mathematics. This course helps in the smooth transition of the students to the higher and more advanced study of mathematics. CSEC Additional Mathematics is designed for those students who want to gain a deeper knowledge of mathematical concepts and make career choice in the related field.

What is the Essence of CSEC Additional Mathematics Course?

This course is developed by the Caribbean Examination Council to help the help students build a strong base of fundamental mathematics and algebra to keep up with the global competition. This course has four sections that enable the students to learn the fundamentals of pure and applied mathematics and develop critical thinking skills that are applicable in various other subjects and higher level of education. The four sections of CSEC additional Mathematics are:

Section 1: Algebra and Functions

Section 2: Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry

Section 3: Introduction to Calculus

Section 4: Basic Mathematical Applications

All the sections help in strengthening the knowledge of students preparing them for the higher educational level.

How Does iSparkED Help Students with the CSEC Additional Mathematics Course?

iSparkED understands the purpose behind the development of this course. It is to ensure that students go a step further than CSEC General Proficiency Mathematics. As we are dedicated towards providing students all the support they need for getting their certification, our programmes and coaches break each section down to ensure that students understand what they study. Here are some ways in which we make CSEC Additional Mathematics course easier for students.


  • Our programme helps in focusing on one section at a time, and then slowly moving to the next section once the student gets a clear conception.

  • Our coaches give an introduction of the topic to be covered in the section. Students are given both theoretical and practical knowledge (worked examples). Our coaches ensure the students practice themselves once both general and specific learning objectives have been covered.

  • As we have the experience of preparing many successful candidates for their exams, we help the students summarise their studies by assisting them by marking the important parts, conduct exam based learning and eliminate common mistakes.

  • We ensure the students practice well before attempting the certification exam. Students are provided with review questions, worked examples and past paper questions.

  • Multiple choice evaluation tools are used by us to evaluate how much a student has learned.

  • Our programme and our coaches will help students gain the skill of building and solving their own question.

iSparkED offers flexibility with personalised and effective learning to help students gain detailed and in-depth knowledge. Students get the support of their coaches whenever they need, with our 24/7 availability. We help students learn better and become confident, not only to take the certification test but for the future as well.

The entire Additional Mathematics syllabus comprises the following:

Section 1 Algebra and Functions
Section 2 Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry
Section 3 Introductory Calculus
Section 4 Basic Mathematical Applications

Under our programme, each section is further broken into:


General Learning Objectives

Specific Learning Objectives


     Worked Examples

     Your Turn to Practise

Learning Summary

     What will be provided during the exam

     What to commit to memory

     Common Pitfalls

Bringing it all together

     Review Questions
          Worked examples
     Past Paper Questions
          Worked examples

     Your Turn to Practise - Past Papers

Multiple Choice Evaluation Tool ™

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