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  • Single maths problems or the complete worksheet

  • Practise maths problems

  • Preparing for cxc exams

  • Studying for your school maths test

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The entire Mathematics syllabus comprises the following:

Section 1 Computation
Section 2 Number Theory
Section 3 Consumer Arithmetic
Section 4 Sets
Section 5 Measurement
Section 6 Statistics
Section 7 Algebra
Section 8 Relations, Functions and Graphs
Section 9 Geometry and Trigonometry
Section 10 Vectors and Matrices

Under our programme, each section is further broken into:


General Learning Objectives

Specific Learning Objectives


     Worked Examples

     Your Turn to Practise

Learning Summary

     What will be provided during the exam

     What to commit to memory

     Common Pitfalls

Bringing it all together

     Review Questions
          Worked examples
     Past Paper Questions
          Worked example

Your Turn to Practise - Past Papers

Multiple Choice Evaluation Tool 

Higher Learning - Build and Solve your Own Questions